Comments from Readers

“Excellent book about the experiences of baby boomers from 1946 to 1964 especially those who grew up in small-town America. The shared details of the music, Dick Clark, the Kennedy Assassination, and the 1964 World’s Fair, to name a few, bring the memories of these early boomers alive once more. Fred Arnow captures the feeling, the innocence, and the spirit of the times pitch perfectly. This book is a must for anyone who lived through this era and would like to reminisce. It’s a gift to a whole generation.” Amazon – August 30, 2015

“This book is pure nostalgia for the baby boomer generation. The author touches on nearly every pop culture moment that brings back memories to those who lived through that period of time.” Amazon – August 24, 2015

“In preparation for my recent 50th high school reunion, I read two books: my 1965 yearbook and Fred Arnow’s Baby Boomer Reflections. Unless you graduated from my school, I wouldn’t recommend the yearbook but Mr. Arnow’s portrayal of the period of my childhood is spot on – the music, food, fads, clothes – the whole feel of it. The author remembered things I had forgotten. A fun read. I recommend it highly!” Amazon – August 5, 2015

“What a delightful book! I found myself lost in so many memories that actually kindled up more….I loved how he tells the story through the eyes of an old house….The songs that he wove through were brilliant and I found myself actually singing them….Yep…Remembered many words…He actually brought up some things that my naive little mind did not know at the time….A great read…Would highly recommend it.☺”  Amazon – August 3, 2015

“Each page prompted another memory. Although I am seven years older than the author I can testify to each event. Fred’s description of the Greyhound Scenicruiser was memorable. I know because one of my first jobs was sweeping the litter and the cigarette butts out of the buses. Compensation? Ten cents per bus! I will be looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for the good read!” Amazon – July 17, 2015

“I bought this book for my baby boomer dad based on the reviews. It did not disappoint! Both my parents (ages 72 & 65) loved it! Even though I’m not a boomer, I read it, too and loved imagining my parents growing up in this era. I also bought it for my father-in-law and friend and they really enjoyed it, too!” Amazon – July 10, 2015

“Good read. Witty and heart warming at the same time. A trip down memory lane.” Amazon – July 5, 2015

“I enjoyed this book very much! Nostalgia is so much a part of our lives now as we age! Looking back is inspiring, educational and motivating. Fred has a wonderful way of showing us how the “Happy Days” molded all of us into who we are today!!” Amazon – June 25, 2105

“The book offers a wonderful insight into a much talked about era, evoking memories I had long forgotten. The facts, details and history are well executed in this book and I was offered a glimpse into a time long gone but savored. Not only is this a must-read for all Baby Boomers, it is an account of social history for all ages.” Amazon – June 24, 2015

“As I read through the chapters, I found myself nodding and smiling, reminiscing about all the many things Mr. Arnow or the house describes throughout the book. This is a great book for a young grade school student to read and see what the “old days” were like and how different and simple things were. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone regardless of their age!” Amazon – June 21, 2015

“This is a quick read but very informative. It brings back a lot of memories history and insight into those years.” June 18, 2015

“Great book..especially for anyone who grew up during those eighteen years!” Amazon – June 16, 2015

“This is such a great book, it’s so nice to sit back grab a cup of coffee or whatever and forget all about the day you are having an enjoy wonderful memories, I sure have. Thanks to the author for an exciting and relaxing book.” Amazon – June 14, 2015

“Liked it. Brought back lots of great memories, and even some embarrassing ones I wanted to forget.” Amazon – June 11, 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book – it brought back so many fun memories of an earlier time and place in our country. These times in our lives were so free and easy – and Mr. Arnow captures this freedom with vivid descriptions and wonderful wit. A must read for any baby boomer and especially for their children!” Amazon – June 4, 2015

“Let me set the scene: My husband and I are outside on the back patio. My husband’s at the grill & I’m lounging with Baby Boomer Reflections. As I run across a fond memory…I read it to him and we reminisce over getting our milk delivered (we had a galvanized “milk box” on our porch that the milkman would put our milk in) or which lunch box did you have. This went on for about 45 min to an hour. It brought back such good memories. I think so much of what we experienced growing up during that time was a sense of wholesomeness, togetherness and you knew what to expect. You knew the paper was going to be on the porch (or in the bushes), you knew if you rode your bike to your friends, you’d get there unharmed. You also knew, if you broke a window…you’d babysit or mow lawns until YOU paid it off! There was (is) comfort in knowing what to expect. Thank you for bringing that back to us.” Amazon – June 4, 2015

“Loved the book. It brought back memories of my childhood, It is the book I want my young relatives to read so they know what life was like growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Amazon – June 1, 2015

“Loved the book. It brought back memories of my childhood, It is the book I want my young relatives to read so they know what life was like growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.” Amazon – May 31, 2015

“Fred Arnow’s “Baby Boomer Reflections” is a charming and delightful read. It paints a vid picture of growing up in the fifty’s and sixties in small town America. Although it is sent in Central Pennsylvania, it’s themes would be applicable to most if not all small town during that time period. Readers beware however, this book will release a flood of memories which can be overwhelming!” Amazon – May 31, 2015

“A boomer homerun!!!” Amazon – May 30, 2015

“Baby boomer reflections was awesome. To relive those years vicariously through the book was quite impactful in a personal sense. This should be mandatory reading for all generations after the “boomers”” Amazon – May 30, 2015

“What a great book! It brought back many memories of my childhood, and while I grew up in a different state, I could relate to much of what Mr. Arnow said. I also loved the view point of the narrator. Great job!” Amazon – May 30, 2015

“Mr. Arnow has produced more than just a light memorabilia. It rises to the level of good journalism and historical study. The research is excellent, the writing is solid and I reread some of it just to wallow in the time travel. Well done!” Amazon – May 30, 2015

“I expected a light, superficial treatise of our baby boomer years. Instead, I was pleased to read a deep journalistic work of art that went very deep into the subject matter. I reread certain portions of your book so I could relive it again. The research and the depth of what the author wrote is extraordinary, and I commend it very highly.” Barnes and Noble, May 29, 2015

“Awesome, Fred Arnow did a fabulous job on this book. I couldn’t put it down once I started. First book in a long time that kept a smile on my face. Thanks for the great memories. I will definitely re-read this book !!” Amazon – May 26, 2015

“The original book I read was lent to me by a friend (who received her copy from the author)…I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did so, I bought a copy for my brother who fits the age description then….decided I wanted one for my book shelf. so…..I bought an additional copy!” Amazon – May 25, 2015

“I didn’t grow up in a town like the protagonist, or in the same state, but the memories resonate deeply and the music lives on in my heart.” Amazon – May 24, 2015

“Arnow captures the essence of life in America before the technological advances. Small town America at its finest. Makes me wish I was born fifteen years earlier!” Amazon – May 24, 2015

“Baby Boomer Reflections is an excellent book. what a walk down memory lane. I could relate to everything in it. Its written very well and you cant wait to read the next chapter.” Amazon – May 21, 2015

“Once upon a time in a place called “America” those who had TV sets got three channels, but never complained there was nothing to watch; kids left home after breakfast on their bikes to fish, play baseball or explore the wonders in the woods that surrounded their home towns; going to the drive-in on a Saturday night was a family affair that included a picnic lunch; political party affiliation really didn’t matter because our leaders could be trusted; Sundays were a day for family gatherings, including trips to parks that featured rides and musical entertainment; a guy named Buddy made every boy long for a girl like Peggy Sue; doing a slow dance to “Venus” was heady stuff; a buck was enough for a Saturday afternoon movie, snacks and a Coke for two; what was the last truly innocent generation was trying to figure out how to get “Satisfaction” when “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was all it asked; riding the handle bars to the corner lot for a pickup baseball game was SOP; kids knew not to play “cowboy and Indian” with dad’s hunting rifle; religion, patriotism, the family unit and sports were all “cool.” For those who grew up in those times, reading “Baby Boomer Reflections: Eighteen Special Years Between 1946 and 1964″ will bring back lots of memories and plenty of smiles and tears. For those who want to find out just why their grandparents or great uncles and aunts are who they are the book will present a slice of history that will not be found in another source.” Amazon – May 21, 2015

“Baby Boomer Reflections is a poignant, sometimes humorous, sometimes intense , thought provoking look at some of the influences that affected young people during the ’50s and ’60s in small town America. The connection to songs, movies and economic data of the time complements the theme of young people growing up in times that were definitely changing.” Amazon – May 19, 2015

“Very smoothly written and a fast read! The book brought back memories that made me smile. It’s especially fun recalling the local sites but many themes are common no matter where you live. Happy times to remember and share!” Amazon – May 12, 2015

“I just finished reading Fred Arnow’s book…WOW!, once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. Even being a couple of years ahead of the ‘baby boomer generation’ it also captured my life and times, difficult to imagine how much time and research went into developing it. It was fun, entertaining and informative to follow the transition of the baby boomer generation from birth to their 50th high school reunion. It brought back so many memories of my youth and the times that had been long forgotten. Anyone from ‘our generations’ would enjoy looking back! Thank you, I look forward to ‘the rest of the story’ enjoyed the last paragraph…..” Amazon – May 12, 2015

“Mr. Arnow did a wonderful job in bringing out old memories that have been long forgotten. I loved how the music was woven with the events. Very cleverly written and one cannot read without having a smile on your face. I was constantly stopping and interacting with my wife about the book. A terrific read for the Baby Boomers. I think I am going to get a copy for our granddaughter to reinforce our growing up which we constantly compare with hers.” Amazon – May 12, 2015

“While I’m much younger than the Baby Boomer Generation, I’ve been obsessed with their culture for my entire life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I recommend it highly.” Amazon – May 12, 2015

“My only criticism of this book is that like those magical 18 years, it’s too short. It’s informative, entertaining and totally engaging. I had the good fortune to grow up in Fred’s hometown, and I was his classmate and friend until my family moved in 1960 to a similar town. Every word in this book rings true. It’s a wonderful testament to a bygone time and grand people.” Amazon – May 11, 2015

“Having grown up during this time period I enjoyed this book immensely. It contained many different aspects of the time period that I had forgotten or had not taken the time to think about. The author had a unique method of presenting his memories and it was fun to read. I think people of all ages would enjoy reading and comparing our childhood in the 50’s and 60’s to present day.” Amazon – May 11, 2015

“i just finished reading’ Baby Boomers Refections:Eighteen Years Between 1946 and 1964″ BY FfRED ARNOW. The book has so many interesting bits of information on events, music, people from those eighteen years that I want to read the book again just to savor the content—much of which I had forgotten and lots I never knew. Mr Arnow uses personification in the story telling in a really beautiful and personal way.” Amazon – May 9, 2015

“I enjoyed reading this book and remembering the events that made me whom I am today. I especially liked going back to the little bits of the days as they were then. The foods my Mother made, the games I played with my family and friends, the school subjects. It is so good that I am giving copies to my sons and special friends. I hope my grandsons read it someday to learn how their Grammy grew-up.” Amazon – May 6, 2015

“The author has done a terrific job of presenting things the way they were as I remember them. I like how the music of those days is woven through the chapters, and that there is actually some music history also contained in the book. Lots of great photos and period quotes. As mentioned in the write up, this book really does talk about the era, especially how it was if you grew up as a baby boomer. I recommend it for both baby boomers and their kids.” Amazon – May 6, 2015

3 thoughts on “Comments from Readers

  1. Can you find the funny paper comic Dondi, was a cartoon during WWII a little orphan boy who followed an American GI miss reading that comic, was always on the back page of the funny papers, was in the Star Ledger, Daily News can you find this for me please?


  2. I expected a light treatment on the subject of Baby Boomers from this book. Just some superficial memorabilia stuff. Not so. This is serious and rather deep journalism that gets pretty deep into the way people of the era thought, lived and processed their reality. I re-read several portions just because I wanted to wallow in what is being told and documented. This is very good writing and a pleasure to put in ones hands.


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