I’ve had extraordinary help from two of my high school classmates.  Each of them has contributed their unique memories that are now incorporated throughout the book, and and they have also helped in offsetting my gender-bias.


Judi has been the “gofer-in-chief,” a role she created during the planning for the class’ 50th reunion.  She has also shared a lot her impressions about the environment during the years this book attempts to recreate.  When the book is released, hopefully in early April, its readers will be guided by a storyteller. While I am not going to disclose that storyteller at this point, suffice it to say that Judi and the storyteller share much in common.


Judy (not to be confused with Judi) has also provided a lot of historical background as she is one of the younger siblings in her family.  In addition to her very personal thoughts, Judy has taken creative photography to a new level.  It’s her personal hobby, and I feel privileged that she has been willing to share some of her special photos in this book so that everyone will be able to enjoy her talent.

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